August 18, 2017

Guys....I haven't blogged since April. That is sooo bad! I have so much amazingness to share with you, but my summer has been literally kicking my butt. I will totally have to backtrack and show you all the sessions and traveling I have done....but let's just start here. This was from last night, but Reagin and Christopher were a dream to photograph. They took creative direction very well and it was all so easy and natural. We went to an old warehouse for a really grungy backdrop to their beautiful attire. This is the third time I have gotten to photograph Reagin, once for her senior photos and then for a sunrise session last summer right before she began college. It was so great to be able to give her an Christopher a fun memory together before they both embark on another year of college at different schools, in opposite directions from one another.


As well a huge shout out to our makeup artist, Mariela Quiñones!!







































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