Stephanie & Matt : A Haunting Engagement

October 31, 2019

Hey Witches! Happy Halloween!


What to say about Stephanie & badass, awesome, cool as hell, etc. We waited almost a year for their engagement session, just two weeks shy of their wedding (which was last weekend). They knew they wanted October, Halloween vibes and something non-traditional. Check, Check, Check...I am all about that!


When we landed on the idea of using a graveyard, two things were super important to me. The aesthetic, I wanted to to feel old like a glimpse into another era. A new modern cemetery wasn't going to work. Second though we are there to make art, it's also so important to be respectful of where you are and not destroy anything. I am weird and constantly find myself apologizing to the graves for stepping over them.


Ok back to these two...and Mr. Poops (their cat). I adore everything about them. While they have already technically been married for awhile, their love and devotion to each other is apparent none the less. I can not wait to share their wedding. Trust me its cool as shit and even more Halloween romantic goodness!














































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